Friday, 17 Sep 2021
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$200 DIY Bumper! How to build the ultimate Tacoma rear bumper for under $200

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Cut file for mounting brackets available here:

Stage 1 of the DIY bumper series! Build a simple and badass rear bumper for your 1st gen Tacoma for less then $200! This bumper weights 81lbs which is 2lbs less then a stock bumper with tow hitch.

Cut file for mounting brackets available, use it for your own plasma table or get your parts in a couple days from

Brackets have been fitted on: 2001 double cab Tacoma and 2001 Reg cab and should be universal for all 1st gen Tacoma’s although I haven’t had a chance to check more years in person.

More projects and photos Instagram @overlandunderbudget

I know this video is long! I could make it shorter, but i wanted to leave in as much as i could to make it as easy as possible for you guys to build your own.

Stage two will be adding the swingout tire carrier and drop table!

Step by step PDF guide coming soon!

Don’t need help? here’s the parts i used.

Tubing: 3×5 inch 3/16th wall
Clevis mounts:

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  1. Great project-thanks for sharing.
    With a couple of air fittings that tube bumper can be a nice air compressor storage tank to reduce fill times-assuming your welds are air tight.
    Moisture drain valve may be needed.
    I noticed the air line under the truck-maybe you’re already planning on this?

  2. So I have a Tacoma and want to make a new bumper, but I just installed a hitch on it, so I was wondering if this bumper would work with the stock hitch.

  3. Have you confirmed if the brackets will work on a 3rd Gen Runner? Definitely gonna go in this direction. After doing a Coastal Offroad kit on my old truck I'm ready to try a home-made bumper!

  4. Hey man, amazing video. I love that you're doing this with low-cost tools. I have a similar setup. I read through a lot of comments but didn't see it mentioned but, what about the license plate light? I don't know about CA but I'm pretty sure you need a light on the plate. It's a pretty easy add-on but I didn't see it in the video.

  5. Nice build gives me ideas on what I want to do also like that you are using basic tools that don't cost a lot makes me more confident on being able to tackle my own build great channel

  6. New sub, just wanted to say the content I've seen so far has been awesome! Makes me really want to learn how to weld and work on something for my second gen!

  7. just subscribed!! i think you may be pissing off all the big players selling bumpers for 800+ bucks hahaha. I'm definitely going to model your bumper to build one for my 3rd gen 4runner

  8. Very well done. I have a 97 Tacoma, already have the bed removed so I can do the frame repair thing, so this might be next. Be safe. Guy Speight

  9. Great Video. Not sure if it has been asked, but why didn't you recess the hitch in like you did the d ring mounts? It looks like you could have put the pin in from the back of the bumper. I have an FJ, so not much help with me, but the ideas and fab tricks are great. Keep it up.

  10. I know this only handles a max 2" tube but if you're looking at doing more elaborate attachments for your swing out (or sliders) this might be something to look into. There are some out there that also list being able to do square/rectangle pipe. Or build one yourself that handles bigger tubing.

  11. Good job Sir. I enjoy your I can do that attitude. Just a suggestion though maybe next gen use boxed gussets instead of the strap for the tow hitch. It would be less metal and give you more welds between the tube and the hitch 12 welds vs 8 for your strap plus more support laterally than the strap . Please this is just a suggestion from an old structural fabricator..

  12. Awesome video as usual. Quick tip, when cutting the slots for the clevis mounts you can drill a hole at each end of the slot and then connect the outer edges of the holes with the cut-off wheel. Might make it a bit easier. Sweet video and thanks for all the budget how-to info you've been putting out!

  13. i've only been trail wheeling for 30 years so you probably know more about this than me, but the ultimate rear bumper is made out of pipe, it's capped and used as a compressed air tank for air lockers and airing back up and fixing flats and shit…. Unfortunately our ideas of ultimate rear bumpers are not perfectly aligned and I'm quite afraid that makes you a racist. Still going to have to thumbs up though because our ideas of trucks are fairly well aligned, you'll need to try a lot harder on your bumper before i can subscribe though.


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